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18k Gold Plated - Mother's Love Necklace

18k Gold Plated - Mother's Love Necklace

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The Necklace that represents the greatest love in the world!

Eternalize your love for your children (or grandchildren, who are children twice over, right?!) in an elegant necklace and carry them with you in your heart wherever you go!

Have you ever thought about demonstrate your love for your children someway, discreetly and with great beauty? With the Mother Love Necklace, you will carryeternal love foryour treasures in neck where You want to go and you will always feel close to your loved ones.

Dress and feel like the happiest mother in the world!

The Mother's Love Necklace is simply perfect and goes with everything. It's a brilliant obligatory piece to complete the look with style and with great emotional meaning.  Show your love for your family and at the same time express personality and lots of style!

Product Details:

💎 Light, elegant and with high quality material
💎 Available in Gold, with Various Configurations (Models)

💎 Gold Plated in Zinc Alloy (Stainless Steel), with Zirconia Stones
💎 Resistant to corrosion (does not rust), traction, shock and wear
💎 Antiallergic, does not cause skin irritation or itching

💎 Length: 50 cm

Plated in Gold and with Zirconia Stones: Intense Brightness and Eternal Love!

Children are blessings who bring us much joy. Thinking about this unconditional love, we developed the Mother's Love Necklace gold and with zirconia stones, promoting intense shine to the necklace. Wear and feel beautiful!


Technical specifications:

Material: Anti-allergy Zinc Alloy with Shiny Zirconia Stones.
Special features: Triple Polishing for Intense Shine.
Color: Gold.

Size: 19 inch.

What's in the package:

01x Mother's Love Necklace - Gift the Love of Your Life (Chosen Model)

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