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Crazy Fan Quilting Template

Crazy Fan Quilting Template

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This fan quilt is a beautiful combo of a traditional Old World quilt pattern with the elegance of Victorian "crazy" quilts. Silk-like fabrics such as moire taffeta,satin, brocade or polished cotton create the fans in a rainbow of colors. Delicate embroidery creates a lace like touch to the fans' ribs - so pretty!

Use the Crazy Fan Quilting Template to quickly cut pieces for fan quilt blocks.

Using our Crazy Fan Quilting Template and a small rotary cutter makes cutting the pieces for fan blocks faster and easier. Traditional fan blocks can be set in many different ways to make interesting designs.

 Final Block Size: S:6" M:8" L:10"

  • Fast & precise without sacrificing accuracy!
  • 1/4" Seam Allowance Included. 1/8" Thick Transparent Acrylic Templates
  • Easy to follow instructions with full-color graphics
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