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Storm At Sea Patchwork Template Set

Storm At Sea Patchwork Template Set

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There are three different blocks that you make , diamond block, a square on point block, and a square in triangle block. You sew these blocks together to make the "Storm at Sea" quilt top.

Simple, straight-seam construction and big, easy blocks create the effect of movement in this dynamic quilt design! This striking quilt gives the illusion of curves, yet is pieced entirely with straight seams.

This is a pattern that every quilter must make ( at least once)! A Storm at Sea quilt is an impressive looking quilt,

A quilt that will impress your friends and family. It looks so much harder than is! Once you make one you will want to make another one and another one.

Finished size :

  • Small : 8 Inch
  • Large : 12 Inch

  • Fast & precise without sacrificing accuracy!
  • 1/4" Seam Allowance Included. 1/8" Thick Transparent Acrylic Templates
  • Easy to follow Video tutorial
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